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Greater Toronto Area Wildlife Control

  • Are you having a wildlife problem in the Greater Toronto Area? Our full-service wildlife removal service can help.  Contact our friendly customer service today! 


  • Our Greater Toronto Area Wildlife Control experts offer animal proofing solutions and professional workmanship in North York, Brampton, Mississauga, and the Niagara region


  • Our nuisance wildlife control operators are animal removal experts who can help with squirrel and raccoon problems on your property using various humane wildlife management methods, including one-way door eviction with prevention.


  • Each wildlife expert we employ does a great job and is ready to take care of your nuisance animal problem, whether it's raccoons, birds, skunks, or squirrels. Contact us today to get started! 

Squirrel Removal Near Yonge and Eglinton,

Free, Phone Estimates & Affordable On-Site Roof Inspections 

Get a quick estimate for the usual one-entry hole problem. Get an understanding of the wildlife control and repairs service we provide and also how pest control prevention methods work & how much it costs to fix extra holes. 

Experienced Wildlife Control Brampton Service Technicians

We employ the best wildlife control technicians with years of hands-on experience removing wildlife from attics in the Greater Toronto Area. Get the experience of 20 years of hands-on wildlife removal and professional pest control exclusion methods.

Insured & Guaranteed Wildlife Control Solutions

All the necessary required licenses, insurance and experience to guarantee the greatest possible wildlife control results.

Get up to a 5-year warranty with each job.     

Fast Brampton Wildlife Control Appointments

Select an available booking time and enter your contact information for fast wildlife removal service from an experienced technician at Greater Wildlife Control. Hire Local Wildlife Removal Near Yonge St, Ontario

Reliable Brampton Animal Control Services

  • Full-service wildlife removal company with great customer service.

  • Humane removal of raccoons, squirrels, birds, skunks, bats, and wasps, all across the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Resolve Any Wildlife Issue With Our Greater Toronto Area Wildlife Removal Experts

  • Get Wildlife Removal and Repair Available Which Saves Hiring Roofers

  • Hands-On Baby Raccoon Removal From Attic

  • Guaranteed & Affordable Wildlife Control Plans & Removal Services

  • Humane Practices For Skunk Removal Near Yonge and Steels, Live Trapping Skunks Is Optional

  • Wildlife Removal North York services come with an industry-best, 5 five-year warranty on materials

  • Affordable Raccoon Removal Service Cost Near Bathurst and Sheppard

  • Raccoon Removal and roof Repair Included In the Basic Fee

  • Reasonable Pricing and Consideration Given On Bigger Wildlife Control & Prevention Services​

Wildlife Control Near Yonge  St, Ontario

The Invasion of Wild Animals Moving Into Attics During the Squirrel & Raccoon Baby Season

The Greater Toronto Areas wildlife control companies see a surge in both raccoon and squirrel removal calls during the baby season.


Wild animals are known to damage roof material and soil attic insulation. In addition to being a nuisance, these animals can also transmit diseases to people.


To deal with the problem, Toronto officials are urging residents to call a local animal removal service, such as Greater Wildlife Control if they suspect a wild animal has taken up residence in their attic space.

Greater Toronto Areas Wildlife Control Company!

Raccoon and Squirrel Removal Experts!


Greater Wildlife Control Toronto is a full service wildlife removal service located at Yonge St & Eglinton Ave, near North York Ontario. Our service areas span the GTA. 


We have great customer service and do an excellent job at relieving homeowners and businesses of their nuisance squirrels in the attic and raccoons in the roof space. 


By following the advice of our local expert wildlife control technicians, it's possible for property owners to stop a number of animals like raccoons and squirrels from regaining entry to the attic space.

Greater Wildlife Control and Roof Repair

Animal Problems in Toronto? 


Hassle-Free and Effective Animal Control Techniques



Toronto residents can rely on professional animal removal services to get rid of pesky creatures such as rats, snakes, and raccoons. Getting help from a professional is the best way to avoid any potential headaches or messes. While there are many companies available, one of the most reputable and experienced is Raccoon Removal Toronto. They have years of experience dealing with all kinds of animals and know exactly how to get them out without causing too much trouble for you or your property.

Greater Wildlife Control & Animal Removal is here to help with any nuisance animal pest problem you may be having. From squirrels getting into your attic to raccoons taking up residence in your backyard, we can take care of it. We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing quality service at a fair price. Give us a call today and let us help you get your wildlife problems solved!

Do You Need Wildlife Removal in Toronto?

Our Wildlife Control Experts Is Your Solution!"

For many homeowners, wildlife problems can be a real inconvenience. From raccoons climbing to attics and chimneys to squirrels raiding the bird feeder, it can be hard to keep them under control. But for homeowners in Toronto, wildlife control & animal removal is here to help! With years of experience managing all kinds of wild animals, our team will quickly identify the problem and provide a solution. From trapping and removing nuisance animals to controlling pests and maintaining ecosystems, we are sure to have the solution for your wildlife issues, all while adhering to local laws.

Why One-Way Doors Are Important.

Essential For Humane Wildlife Removal

Did a raccoon damage one of your roof vents to enter your attic to have babies? No problem! Our Toronto Wildlife Control & Animal Removal experts are here to help. We know the best humane method is using a one-way door vs a cage trap, and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to resolving any issues you may have with critters in and around your home. From squirrels, skunks, and bats to raccoons, we have a one-way door solution for all urban wildlife and know the best ways to install them for quick results! So don't wait any longer; call us today for a wildlife removal appointment!​

Entry Points Raccoons and Squirrels Use To Enter An Attic

Potential entrance points for raccoons and squirrels into attics are many and varied. These animals use a variety of methods to gain access, such as climbing up drain pipes using overhanging tree branches and then entering the attic through broken shingles and dislodged roof vent caps. Raccoons are particularly good at breaking into attics, as they have strong jaws and can squeeze through small roof intersection spaces. Squirrels, on the other hand, use their agile bodies and sharp teeth to break in easily by chewing roof vent caps and wood rooflines. Raccoons and squirrels are great climbers so keeping them off of the roof is impossible and can be a waste of time trying to achieve this. Having the particular area's wildlife like to gain access to the attic covered is a much more efficient and effective way to control the local animals looking for nesting areas and den sites.

Toronto Animal Services, Animal Control Toronto

Wildlife Removal and Roof Repair Services

Wildlife Removal and Roof Repair Services performed by the same company are a great way to get your property back in order and keep it that way.

These professionals, that specialize in wildlife control but also have a background in roofing can help you remove all of the wildlife from your attic, replace any damaged parts of the roof like vents and soffit, and also repair any damaged shingles on your roof. When you hire a wildlife removal company like ours, you can be sure that everything will be done professionally and without damaging property or disturbing any of the wildlife.

Greater Wildlife Control is Located Near North York, Ontario

Get Fast, Affordable Next Day Wildlife Removal Service

The North York area is home to a number of large and small wildlife habitats that can be difficult to manage. This is where our professional wildlife removal service comes in. We are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to quickly remove any unwanted animals from your property. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us show you what we can do!

North York Wildlife Removal

Average Cost For Animal Control & Wildlife Removal Services in the  Greater Toronto Area

Wildlife control in Toronto, Ontario can be expensive and time-consuming. Some of the costs associated with managing wildlife include: hiring a professional to remove the animal, raccoon trapping or snaring the animal, and paying for prevention services that protect the entire roof. The average basic service call cost is $300, while a large animal control job managing wildlife in Toronto using prevention methods is around $1,200 and will give you the most coverage which protects you from further damage and could also save you on service charges later. You will pay the least amount for a one-stop job like chasing a raccoon out of a dwelling, although emergency fees and after-hours fees kick in depending on the situation.

  • Skunk Removal Cost  

  • Bird Nest Removal Cost

  • How Much Is Raccoon Removal?

  • Squirrel Removal Toronto Cost

  • Wasp Nest Removal Cost


Most humane wildlife control jobs require a second visit which is factored into the initial charge. Wildlife Control Services in Toronto, Ontario. Wildlife Control companies offering a free estimate tend to charge the most to solve a critter problem and do not give a clear breakdown of pricing over the phone so its best to call around to a few different companies to compare costs per item, per spot, per foot because this is where companies jack up the price and can easily overcharge you since they are already on-site doing the basic one entry hole and at that point, it's too late to shop around.

The Advantages Of Hiring an Animal Removal Service for Raccoon & Squirrel Removal Over the DIY Method

When it comes to wildlife control and animal removal, professional services are always the best option. These companies have years of experience and the right type of training for dealing with all sorts of animals and know how to handle them safely and humanely. Skunk removal jobs are always best left to the professionals, as well as dead animal removal jobs, both of these animal problems can present an unpleasant odour in your home, and a professional may have deodorizer and other commercial grade products to eliminate the smell. They will also be able to get rid of the animals quickly and properly, leaving your property clean and safe once more.


3 Great Reasons to Hire Greater Wildlife Control, Toronto's Raccoon Removal and Squirrel Removal Company


Toronto homeowners and businesses can benefit from the services of Greater Wildlife Control if they have raccoons, squirrels, or other such creatures invading their property. Here are three great reasons to do just that:


1. Greater Wildlife Control has a high success rate in keeping homes and properties safe - Raccoons and squirrels can be dangerous animals, capable of inflicting significant damage to property. Greater Wildlife Control can help keep your home or business safe by removing these wild animals before they cause any real trouble.


2. Raccoons and squirrels are often a nuisance - When they're not causing serious damage to property, raccoons and squirrels can be very annoying by keeping you awake at night. Greater Wildlife Control is efficient at getting animals out quickly while ensuring the humane treatment of all animals.



3. The nuisance wildlife removal process - If you've got a raccoon, squirrel, or other small animals in your attic, you're probably familiar with the process of removing them. A Toronto raccoon removal and squirrel control company like Greater Wildlife Control is your best bet for lasting results.

Tips for Preventing Wildlife Damage to Your Property in Toronto

As a business owner or homeowner, you must keep your property safe from unwanted animals. The best way to do this is by making sure that you have the proper wildlife control and pest control services in place. Problems with domestic animals are best left to the City Of Toronto Animal Services, so please search for the OSPCA or Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for a dog or cat problem.  Rodent issues are best left to pest control but if you only hear scratching at night then you might not know what the problem is exactly.

Pest Control Company vs Wildlife Control Company: How to Know Who To Hire

Pest control and wildlife control are the two main options available when it comes to managing pests. It can be difficult to know which option to choose, but by understanding the differences between the two, you can make a more informed decision.


When it comes to professional pest control, one of the most important factors to consider before hiring is the type of pestor animal. Mice ad rat issues are different than animal problems and different methods are required. Different pests require different treatments, so it's important to determine which kind of pest you're dealing with before hiring pest control services. Different animals require different one-way doors and removal methods.


Wildlife control focuses on removing unwanted animals from your property and doesn’t  terminate or kill the animals ilke pest control services.


Identifying the wildlife species will help prepare you for the removal process. Wildlife can be a nuisance in many cases, and removing them can help improve your overall quality of life. Figuring out whether you need Greater WildlifeControl  or a professional pest control service can save time and money.

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