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 Toronto Bird Removal Services

Greater Toronto Area Bird Removal Services

Bird nests are a common problem for homeowners. They can cause blockages in dryer vents, clog gutters, and cause other problems. Bird nest removal is one of the most common services offered by pest control companies. The first step in removing a bird nest is to identify the type of bird that has nested on your property. If it is a blackbird, then you will need to use different techniques than if it was a pigeon or sparrow. Bird nests do not just happen anywhere; they are looking for an ideal place to lay their eggs and raise their young. These places might include attics, chimneys, air vents or any other place where there is shelter from predators and plenty of food for the mother bird to feed her babies with. . The key is to identify the nest in order to remove it properly.The following are some steps for identifying a bird nest:- Look for droppings. Before you start removing the nest, try to find where the bird is nesting from droppings. Look under eaves, around windows and doors, overhangs and skylights, in eaves of walls

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We provide 24-hour service, so if you need bird netting placed at 4 a.m., give us a call and we'll send a specialist out to you.

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We provide the best bird removal services in Toronto at the most competitive prices. Our professional bird removal Toronto specialists get the job done perfectly the first time.

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All of our bird removal services are backed by a promise, so you can be certain that you are choosing the right people to do the job.

Our Premier Bird Removal Services

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Greater Toronto Area Pigeon Control Services

Professional Bird Removal Services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Affordable and Humane Bird Removal Services.

Are birds creating a problem at your home or business by nesting in your soffits, vents or attic? At Greater Wildlife Control, we specialize in residential bird removal.

Kitchen and bathroom wall vents in particular are a favourite nesting area for different types of birds in the greater Toronto Area. Don’t wait until your birds have moved in and clogged up the vent pipe, it costs more to deal with at tat point and there is a good chance babies will be present.

Bird roosting and nesting in our homes, and buildings can be a serious issue. They bring twigs, trash, leaves and other unsightly rubbish when they construct their nests. These birds also defecate in and around their nests, resulting in ugly and unclean circumstances.

Fortunately, our team has never encountered a bird removal problem that it couldn't manage. We provide reliable bird removal services by blocking all entrance points to guarantee that they do not return.

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Pigeons Removal Services

Pigeons are often found in urban areas like Brampton Ontario. They are usually attracted by food, water, and shelter. Pigeons can be a nuisance because of the noise and mess they create as they tend to leave droppings and destroy roof shingles. They mainly cause property damage by depositing droppings on and near the nesting area or flight path to the nesting area,

The most common methods of pigeon control is to use a pigeon spikes and pigeon netting systems to cover the nesting areas so they can’t land or enter the area all together. The netting system is installed in such a way so that pigeons cannot fly into the nesting area. Pigeon spikes completely take away ledges any surfaces the birds like to land on making it an undesirable nesting area. This will 100% prevent pigeons from loafing around and roosting in these areas and reduce their numbers in your neighbourhood.


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With our bird netting and bird spike installation services, you can keep birds at bay. Our skilled experts can install nets or spikes in nearly any arrangement to restrict birds and their nests around your structure in a humane manner. Call us today for the best bird removal in Toronto. Our expert technicians are available round the clock to help you.