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Send raccoons and other wildlife back to nature with Greater Wildlife Control. Humane animal removal methods that work!

Squirrel Removal Brampton

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Best Methods For Raccoon & Squirrel Removal Brampton 

Greater Wildlife Control has Humane Wildlife Removal Services For Solving Nuisance Wildlife Conflicts for Homeowners in the Brampton Area and Peel Region.


  • Call Our Brampton Customer Service Line Today At (437) 999-2837 For Wild Animal Control Services In Brampton and The Greater Toronto Area.

  • Homeowners in the city of Brampton in need of humane raccoon removal services or quick squirrel removal from a nesting area on the property can call us for help today.

  • Our experienced wildlife removal technicians can get rid of the nuisance squirrels today by closing all entry holes and installing a one-way door for humane eviction.


  • In urban areas, wild animals love nesting in attics and roof vent entry points are quite common. These raccoons and squirrels are always unwanted guests when they get too close for comfort.

  • Nuisance animals can cause damage to your roof and attic insulation, bother your family and pets, and can even pose a health risk so getting rid of them quickly with dependable City of Brampton wild animal control services is paramount.​

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Wildlife Control

Best Wildlife Removal Industry Practices 


The best way for home and business owners to get rid of pest animals from the attic is to call our Brampton animal control services before a lot of damage happens.


Our animal removal professionals have a high success rate in removing animal intruders and fixing main entry points, preventing further damage to roof vents for a reasonable price,


Our city of Brampton wildlife removal technicians will conduct thorough inspections of the ground and roof exterior to locate all the access points; we assess the situation for property damage and provide you with the best solutions, performed humanely for your particular animal problem. Get high-quality workmanship with our Brampton animal control service and a real solution to any squirrel or raccoon infestation.

Squirrel Removal Brampton Cost

Squirrel Removal and Raccoon Removal Cost Brampton:

Does Wildlife Control Prices Increase During The Baby Season?


Wildlife control can get expensive because sometimes the entire house needs to be "animal proofed" to get any long-term solution to invading raccoons and squirrels. Some companies offer more affordable prices per item, which can be a better deal when all the problem areas are protected the first time under the first service charge.

Get Brampton Wildlife removal service using prevention methods proven to work repeatedly. Block out animals permanently and save on service charges year after year.


Regardless of the size of your property or the type of pest animal, our Brampton Wildlife Control Experts can come to your property and remove the animal using the most effective methods.


Our raccoon removal in Brampton cost can increase to extract a mother raccoon and her kits during the baby season, so it's best to resolve raccoon issues as quickly as possible before the young raccoons are born.


Eastern Gray Squirrels have babies twice a year in the spring and late summer. A family of squirrels working together can cause extensive damage, so evicting them fast will save your electrical wires and attic beams from being chewed.


Red Squirrels bring food inside the attic for storage, so they have added incentive to get back inside once evicted to get their stash. Red squirrel jobs can be more pricy because of the necessity to add extra prevention to the roof. Otherwise, the red squirrels will keep re-entering through small holes. Red Squirrels bury their babies, which makes it difficult to detect babies if you don't know what to look for or have the proper equipment.


An increased cost during the baby season is not always the worst-case scenario. Sometimes, even the most professional raccoon removal company can not access the family of raccoons. In these cases, waiting for the babies to start coming and going from the attic is the best option.

Some Brampton homeowners might think animal issues they're capable of solving themselves but can make the situation worse if the wrong approach is taken. Hiring a roofer or pest control company for a squirrel or raccoon problem is the most common mistake homeowners make and results in extra fees or animals being stuck inside. We treat all animals humanely when we remove wildlife from your home.

Nuisance Raccoons and Squirrels In The Attic And How To Deal With Them

What Are The Most Common Wild Animals Brampton Homeowners Get Inside Their Attic Spaces?


In southern Ontario, the usual suspects that animal control companies get rid of include raccoons, opossums, red squirrels, eastern grey squirrels (black & grey squirrels), roof rats, bats, and birds. Skunks aren’t great climbers, so they typically nest underneath decks and sheds in urban areas.


Wildlife in the city of Brampton is constantly on the lookout for a warm nesting area and you can't blame them for wanting a sheltered space to get out of the weather.

If you've ever had the unpleasant experience of dealing with any of these common wild animals in your roof , you know how important it is to find a quick and effective solution. Not only are these animals a nuisance, but they can also cause serious damage to residential homes once they gain entry to attic spaces.


Fortunately, a few things can be done to prevent nuisance animals from taking up residence in the structure of your home in the first place. Try these DIY animal control methods only if you have a ladder and can safely access these areas.

  1. First, make sure that your home is well-sealed and that there are no obvious gaps or openings that could provide access for animals. Second, have routine seasonal gutter cleaning and roof inspections.

  2. Clean up any food sources that might attract them, such as bird feeders, fruit trees, or pet food dishes.

  3. Keep garbage cans tightly sealed and store pet food indoors so that they can’t smell it from outside.


The best decision you can make if you already have a problem with nuisance animals in your attic is to call a professional wildlife control company to safely and humanely remove the wild animals and seal all potential entry points and repair the damage they have caused.


Our expert wildlife removal technicians have years of experience evicting nuisance pests and know all the usual potential entry points on a house raccoons and squirrels target to gain entry to the attic space. Our raccoon control Brampton specialists know how and when to install one-way doors which allow animals to exit your attic but will prevent them from getting back in. By taking the advice of our experienced wildlife control technician after the initial roof inspection, you can rest assured that your attic will remain animal-free.

Do You Need a Pest Control Service Or Professional Wildlife Removal Services in Peel Region?


How To Hire The Right Person For The Job If You’re Not Sure If You Have A Wildlife Issue Or A Rat Infestation.


Suppose you don’t want to waste time and money getting rid of the noise problem inside the attic. In that case, knowing the basic differences between a full-service wildlife control company and professional pest control services is essential. Roof rats and mice can make as much noise in the attic or crawl space as raccoons and squirrels. 

Since pests and wildlife prefer to live close to a food source like garbage cans, it's possible to have both problems at the same time in attics and crawl spaces.


Pest control is the process of preventing, repelling or mitigating invasive species. Pests can be any plant or animal that negatively impacts human health, the environment, or the economy. Rodent removal and spraying for bugs are common pest services.


Wildlife control is the process of managing or mitigating urban wildlife that has become a nuisance.  While pest and wildlife control are often used interchangeably, some important distinctions exist.


Pest Control - Pest control services typically refer to pest management strategies that aim to prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place. Rodent solutions require ongoing efforts to keep the population in check, especially for commercial customers whit food establishments in the building.

The main aspects of wildlife control involve three components, the animal, the habitat and the humans, and focus on controlling wildlife populations that have already become a nuisance.

As such, pest control is a proactive approach to pest management, while wildlife control is a reactive approach. Restaurants and food establishments don’t wait until there’s a full-blown pest infestation before then hiring a pest management company or they get into trouble with the health inspectors, so restaurants proactively combat mice and rats.


Wildlife Control - On the other hand, most homeowners only call a wildlife company once they see soffit or roof vent damage or hear thumping inside the attic; it’s rare for us to get hired purely to do wildlife prevention when no repair work is required unless the customer moved to a new home and had animals in the attic at the old house. Hence, the reactive approach is typical for raccoon and squirrel issues.


Pest control can be achieved through basic and advanced techniques, including physical barriers to keep rats out, chemical treatments for wasp removal, and biological controls. Wildlife control, on the other hand, typically relies on non-lethal methods such as one-way door removal, humane exclusion and hands-on baby animal extraction. When deciding whether pest or wildlife control services is right for your situation, you must first identify what type of problem you are dealing with. If you are dealing with the nuisance of wildlife populations, wildlife control is your best option for animal damage repair. If you are trying to prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place, then pest control may be a better option for you. If you have no idea what is inside the attic making noise contact our Brampton nimal control services with a few details for our best assessment.

Pest Control Brampton
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Efficient Animal Removal Process: Brampton Squirrel & Raccoon Control ​


We Consistently Provide Professional Animal Removal Services To Our Brampton Clients.


  • Raccoon Removal Brampton Services - Keep the Brampton raccoon population out of your attic with an exclusion service that works. Prevent a springtime litter of baby raccoons from being born above your head by contacting us at the first signs of raccoons on the roof. Wire cages installed on vents, soffits, and other areas of your home are the only real means of preventing raccoon activity inside the structure of your home. Since raccoons are excellent climbers with nimble hands, these easy access points should have protection from them and other urban wildlife animals. You can never keep raccoons off of the roof; it's natural raccoon behaviour to climb, and it's not uncommon to find raccoon feces on top of the roof even though they are not nesting inside the attic.


  • Squirrel Removal Brampton Services - Stop a squirrel infestation before it starts with the recommendations of our wildlife specialists. Unwanted squirrels can be evicted quickly by our squirrel removal experts when they install an exclusion door over the entry hole. Our total cost for the basic removal of the nuisance squirrel is competitively priced, and we offer the best options and long-term solutions to prevent another squirrel problem. Nuisance red and grey squirrels in the crawl spaces or attic can chew electrical wiring, a fire hazard that could cause severe damage, resulting in additional charges if not addressed. Prevention mesh added to gable vents and rooflines can prevent significant damage.


We have over 20 years of experience installing wildlife removal solutions and roofing repairs for residential and commercial customers in southern Ontario.


we feel confident were giving the best wildlife control service to Brampton business owners and homeowners with unwanted animals in their attics.

When To Call City Animal Services

Animal control in southern Ontario is vital for keeping domestic animals and the public safe. There are many instances when you should dispatch the city of Brampton animal control officers, such as when you see an animal that appears to be sick or injured or if you have concerns about a domestic animal's welfare.


If you come across a trapped skunk, dead bird a raccoon that looks sick, it is best to call animal control immediately. Wild animals dead or alive can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, so it's important to ensure that sick ones are captured using humane capture methods and taken to a facility where they can receive treatment.


In addition, if you see a stray animal that appears to be neglected or abused or a high number of stray cats, you should call Brampton animal services so that the animal can be safely removed from the situation.


At times it's necessary to contact a private, local city of Brampton wildlife control company for a fee if there are unwanted critters inside the attic. If you shop around you can find a reputable service for a raccoon problem or squirrel removal services. 

By understanding when to call animal control, you can help keep your community safe and healthy.

Raccoon Removal and Repair Near Brampton Ontario

What Is Attic Restoration & Do You Need It?

Nuisance Wildlife Can Reak Havoc Oy Your Attic

Like most homeowners, you probably don't give much thought to your attic. However, attic restoration may be necessary if you're planning to restore an older home or if you've had nuisance pests or wildlife problems, such as unwanted raccoons and rat infestations causing insulation damage.


The process typically involves insulation removal, full cleaning services, and repair services. In some cases, for raccoon infestations, attic restoration involves the removal of raccoon droppings. Raccoon roundworm is a health hazard; at the very least, the soiled installation should be replaced with new insulation. 

Our Brampton Wildlife Control Services and Processes

Humane Raccoon Removal Services​

We consistently provide professional animal control services and wildlife solutions to our residential and commercial customers in Brampton. Our Greater Wildlife Control experts are available year-round to control unwanted critters. We specialize in the humane approach for our squirrel control, bird nest extraction, and humane raccoon control service.

We have over 20 years of experience in the wildlife removal industry and are qualified to give fairly accurate phone estimates based on past animal removal jobs near you.

Raccoon Removal From Chimney

Why Hiring Experienced Wildlife Removal Companies in Brampton is Best?​

When you need to get rid of nuisance wildlife problems on your property or inside the home, it's best not to waste time on methods that don’t work, instead, contact an experienced wildlife removal service for problem animals, such as Greater Wildlife Control Inc. We provide humane removal of these creatures with compassion for their well-being which is essential when handling nuisance wildlife problems like raccoons under decks and squirrels in the attic space! Get a service call started with a free estimate over the phone.

Let's Discuss 
Your Brampton Wildlife Removal Needs

For a humane animal removal process and methods in southern Ontario, fill out the form with a few details about your animal problem, or call our wildlife control customer service representative to set up an appointment.

Local Wildlife Removal Phone Number +1 (437) -999-2837 

Wildlife Removal In Brampton, Ontario.

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