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Wildlife Control and Roof Repair



Greater Wildlife Control is a complete service wild animal removal company. We humanely remove wildlife for homeowners and business owners in Toronto and we stop reentry by repairing the entry holes created by the pests. We also animal-proof other potential entry points raccoons and squirrels target for entry. Our guaranteed methods come with 5 Years Warranty to keep animals out. 

Greater Wildlife Control provides safe, professional wildlife control services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough and throughout the Greater Toronto area.


As well as being equipped to humanely remove all kinds of common wildlife, Greater Wildlife Control can help to prevent future infestations by supplying and installing protective screening.  Trained and courteous staff can replace damaged roof vents with one-way doors, which allow the animals to get out but not to re-enter the property. Experts in wildlife control can also help you make your property less appealing to wildlife so they're less likely to try and get into your home or make their dens nearby. There are many simple, common-sense measures that you can take to make your home less attractive to wildlife. 


Wildlife control experts can relocate animals in accordance with Canadian law, and secure your home so that the problem doesn't reoccur. A small firm with a highly dedicated team of experts on staff, Greater Wildlife Control will not try to up-sell you with unnecessary extras or overcharge you for services. 


Work comes with a three to five-year guarantee. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your wildlife problem has been dealt with and that you don't have to worry about further incursions in the future. 

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Free Phone Estimate

Contact Greater Wildlife Control and get a breakdown of our pricing. From the basic one-hole job to the full-service prevention job we can give average pricing based on your description of the problem as well as other jobs completed in your areas. 

On-Site Inspection Service

The most important part of the wildlife removal & prevention process starts with the initial onsite, exterior inspection. With this crucial first step, other holes or problem areas can be addressed on the first visit which saves on service charges later.

About: Our Wildlife Removal & Repair Process

 There are many kinds of wildlife that can set up a home in your Greater Toronto area property. As well as squirrels, you may find that your home has been infested with mice or rats, or that larger animals such as skunks are getting a little too close for comfort. When faced with problems like these, you need an affordable company that can deal promptly with the issue. Not only can mishandling wildlife result in further damage and even injury, but it can also put you on the wrong side of Canada's wildlife protection laws. 


A common error is to rely on handymen or carpenters to seal off possible entry points for squirrels, raccoons or other wildlife. Unfortunately, this can result in ineffective protection, with wildlife finding a way back inside. There's no sense in paying for expensive repairs if they're simply going to be destroyed by wildlife trying to get back in.

 Wildlife Prevention &  Home Protection Services

After the initial inspection of a property, our service technicians can give an accurate quote to protect all vulnerable areas on the property from wildlife damage.

Roof Repairs and Patches For Wildlife Damage

Raccoons typically create more significant damage than squirrels when breaking into a roof, so some entry holes may require a patch along with the screening. Once the raccoons have vacated, we will return to remove the one-way door and do the final patch. This temporary patch can buy some time if you need a new roof.

About: Greater Wildlife Controls Warranty  

A Wildlife Control Company Servicing the Greater Toronto Area | Toronto's Raccoon and Squirrel Removal Company

While it can be tempting to ignore wildlife around your property, you need to deal with infestations as soon as you notice them. The individual creatures you spot might not seem as if they could present a problem, but they can rapidly get out of control if you don't take action. Creatures like pigeons, squirrels, skunks, mice and raccoons can do a surprising amount of damage -- and can also pose a risk to your family's health.


Discovering wildlife around your home can be unsettling. Scratching sounds from your attic or under your house, or wild animals glimpsed in your yard, are a sure sign that something's not right. You might also see other signs of wildlife on your property, such as droppings, scratch marks, damaged trees and plants, or overturned trash cans. You need professional wildlife control fast. That's where Greater Wildlife Control comes in.


Homeowners who attempt to tackle wildlife and animal pests themselves often end up regretting it. Poison bait can harm pets or children, attempts to physically remove the animals can result in injuries, and releasing wildlife elsewhere can mean spreading the problem to new areas. You could also find yourself breaking Canadian laws governing the control and removal of wildlife. It's much safer to call in professional help to deal with wildlife, with a company that's prompt, humane and reasonably priced. 

Achieve a wildlife-proof home.
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